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Who we are

New Earth Village is the home of SOAR - Self-Organized Aboriginal Renewal. SOAR is a web-based, collaborative approach to indigenous development. Join with First Peoples from around the globe as you grow your community, renew your organization or develop your person. Harness the wisdom, knowledge, experience and skills of a thousand nations. Come SOAR with us!

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What you can do

Get Training, Ideas, Partners, Support

Train as you make change

Co-create powerful ideas

Work with partners

Act with support



Where to SOAR

Get connected in The Four Realms


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How to get started
  1. Check out New Earth Village

    Poke around or take the Great Eagle QuickTour

  2. Join New Earth Village

    Become a member and participate in New Earth Village

  3. Connect with people and resources

    Socialize in Connector.  Get resources in  Advisor.

  4. Bring change to your people

    Partner for change in Explorer
    Get SOAR ProTraining in Creator



How you benefit


More enjoyment

Increased skills

Better solutions

Faster development

Learn more...

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