Can you give us some idea of what it costs to make this all happen each month?

Approximately $824 per child per month is required. So as our population grows so does our monthly need.





Now how much per month would give you comfort and security at Fundación Corazón de Niña. How much would it take to provide a reasonable middle class life style for you and the children and in addition, provide yourself and your staff with a fitting wage?

We would have to more clearly define “middle class life style” given the country and neighborhood we live in but for the purposes of this discussion… to cover all basic costs including staffing to reflect our numbers, education, transportation and to begin to create at least a one-month contingency fund… with our current 38 children (February 2015) we would need approximately $28,000US per month.

I know you have made this all happen on a prayer but just give us an idea of just how dire the situation really is?

The most difficult period was the first eighteen months. Corazón was still a two bedroom house in which we had to find room for thirteen girls. There was no government funding (there still isn’t) and we didn’t have the base of supporters we now have to provide the basics. It was truly a hand-to-mouth existence. Some weeks, we had no idea where we’d find the money for food.  This is when we discovered the power of group prayer… angels would appear at the door bearing gifts…

We remind ourselves that we are not even three years old. Considering what has been accomplished in that time, I feel very good about our circumstances and I have complete confidence that this early phase of day-to-day struggle will pass. Sooner, of course, is better than later.

 Do you see a way to get beyond your current financial reality at Fundación Corazón de Niña. It would seem that government support is unlikely. Is there a way to secure a stable and ample income that would allow you to enrich and grow your service to children?

On the matter of government support, now that we are officially a foundation (August, 2015), we are eligible to compete for Federal Funding for specific projects such as expansion, technology, appliances, beds, etc.  Unfortunately, this has not helped us in our first years – when the need has been greatest. Nevertheless, we will be prepared to take advantage of whatever funds we do qualify for that will help us to build upon what we have already achieved.

In terms of securing a stable ample income, we believe the answer is two-fold… first, we need to expand our Corazón community to include more G.E.M.S. (Give Every Month Supporters) and more local and international corporate participation.

Then, as mentioned on our Self-Reliance page – we need to create income-generating opportunities that will pave the way to our ultimate goal of self-sustainability for Corazón and for all our future young people.  This can take many shapes and will hopefully involve a lot of talented and wonderful people who want to be a part of this amazing opportunity to make a difference.

This will allow us to create employment and/or financially power business opportunities for many of our young people in the future. The positive results will be endless and will likely include income generation for numerous needy people in Puerto Vallarta and beyond.

[For more on this topic, please go to ‘Self-Reliance’ on this menu]

Are financial statements on Fundación Corazón de Niña available for people to see?

Absolutely, just send us a message outlining exactly what you require or simply make an appointment to see us and/or our accountant regarding any questions/concerns/suggestions you may have.  We operate with complete transparency and welcome your interest in this regard.

Why don’t you post your financial statements on this website?

The board and management of Corazón de Niña have deliberated long and hard over this. The dilemma is this: on the one hand, we fully endorse the need to be wholly transparent with our supporters, both in financial matters and in all aspects of our operation; on the other hand, our reality is that we operate in Mexico, a very different world from the United States and Canada. Security here is a significant concern.

For that reason, we have decided not to display our financial circumstances online. We hope you understand and again, we invite you to contact us by email or by telephone to get the answers you need.

Melissa Canez
Co-founder and President, Fundación Corazón de Niña



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