We are here because of you — the countless individuals, agencies, community groups, businesses, and service clubs who have given so generously of your time, energy and resources. To each of you we extend our gratitude. You need only look into the faces of our children and youth to understand what a difference you have made to their lives. Thank you.

A Hard Road

Yet we continue to live a precarious existence. Our monthly donors help tremendously to add an element of predictability to our lives, but still, we struggle with not knowing when or if the funds we need to operate will materialize.



Towards Self-Reliance: Income Generation

Donations will likely always be an important income stream for Fundación Corazón de Niña. However, we are coming to realize that for us to achieve a predictable and sufficient income that would allow us to  provide more fully for our kids and to expand Fundación Corazón de Niña operations, we need to generate income of our own. We simply cannot keep pressing our faithful supporters (you) for more and more money.

As well, self-reliance is a fundamental element of our child-rearing philosophy at Fundación Corazón de Niña. We believe it is critical for our kids to have a solid foundation of education, skills and experiences which will secure for them a comfortable, reliable income for life. Must then we not do the same for our organization?

And so, we are now exploring ideas to make our self-reliance a reality.

Can you help?

We’re looking for sound ideas for income generation. Something that our youth can participate in, gain skills in entrepreneurship and possibly create a future business for themselves as adults. If you have experience in business and would like to share your ideas/advice or if you just have a great idea – wonderful, let’s hear it.

The Corazón Shoe

We have been gifted through the generosity of Georgia and Gholi Darehshori, the Corazón Shoe  which we are currently marketing very lightly online and locally – the response has been wonderful but we could use some guidance as to how to turn this into a successful online endeavor. For more information about the Corazón Shoe please go to Shop.



The Corazón Shoe

Humanitarian Tours

Working with the hotels and Puerto Vallarta, we have begun to offer Humanitarian Tours. Guests sign up through a hotel, the tour company or with us directly and visit Fundación Corazón de Niña to tour the facility and hear our story. On the second Tuesday of every month, an optional brunch is offered. The brunch is prepared by our girls under the guidance of a local chef and is available for an additional donation. Corazón receives a portion of tour proceeds. As well, the hope is that guests will consider becoming regular supporters of Corazón. For full details on our Humanitarian Tours please go to Tours on the top menu.


Possibilities for the future:

  • Establish an internet-based inventory of Made in Mexico items that are reasonable to mail (examples: clothing, footwear and accessories, folkart ), marketing internationally as it offers limitless upside and minimal capital outlay.

Send us your thoughts

Perhaps the best place to pass on your thoughts is in GuestForum (Top Menu >The Exchange > GuestForum). That way we can get conversations going  and build on each other’s ideas. Be sure to subscribe to the forum so that you’ll get new posts in your email box.

If you wish to send Melissa a private note, you can do so in ‘Contact’ (Top Menu > Contact).

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