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“Hi. Welcome to Fundación Corazón de Niña. My name is Melissa Canez. I am the Co-Founder, President, administrator, planner, fundraiser and House Mom at Fundación Corazón de Niña, and I’m your guide today.

Each item on the menu to your left is designed to paint  a word picture of Fundación Corazón de Niña, a picture that hopefully leaves you with a good understanding of who we are, what we believe and what we do. The content is written in interview style. Peter Bruce asks the questions, I respond.


 The multipurpose room, Fundación Corazón de Niña

If you still have questions when you get to the bottom of the menu please check our FAQ page (Top Menu>The Exchange>FAQ). Still have questions?  Call  or email us. I will do my best to answer them.

A word of explanation before we start the tour of Corazón. Fundación Corazón de Niña is the name of our organization. We run two homes now — one for the boys and one for the girls. The home you are now in is the larger of the two. The homes are next door to each other.

When we purchased the main house, it had two bedrooms and three bathrooms. We’ve since added a second story which provides two more bedrooms, a fourth bathroom, a large multi-purpose room and an office. Construction is now complete (November 2014) except for some finishing work.

So although our space is vastly more livable than it was, it is still a great challenge for all of us to live together here. It requires us to be  well organized, selfless and collaborative.  Believe me, our girls are team players in training.

Well then, let me show you around…”

Corazon de Nina, November, 2014






3 thoughts on “Tour Our Casa”

  1. Hello Melissa, we spoke on the phone briefly. My name is Bill Page and I would like to get together and talk about your project. If you haven’t yet check out the website . We promote tourism here in Mexico, work hand and hand with local buisnesses and donate to local charities. If you have a minute look at the new addition of the Vallarta Tribune they have short piece on us.!!

  2. We are 6 persons from Canada , 2 of us have been to the home with Char 2 years ago.
    We would like to come to the Tuesday morning vist breakfast at the home and bring some apples food etc for the children. Can we come tomorrow around 10.00a.m. please send me a email to confirm and some directions from Costco.

  3. I am coming to Puerto Vallarta on August 20, 2016 for a month. I am taking Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) course for a duration of a month. Currently, I have a Masters degree in Social Work and a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Child Welfare. Initially, I would like to tour your entity. Do you hire social workers? In addition, I would like to advocate for the TEFL class to conduct a volunteer project for a period of time; therefore, if we can assist the children in any way please contact me. I can be contact via phone or internet,

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