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October 2014: It’s clear to any visitor to Corazón de Niña that this is a place in the making. Signs of construction are everywhere. What is the plan?

The plan is to grow the facility to meet the needs of our growing family. When I first took in thirteen girls in 2011 Corazón de Niña was a two bedroom home. It was very cramped for all of us and imperative to start building another story. In Canada, where I’m from, we’d have been shut down by the authorities long ago for having substandard living facilities.



 Building the facade on Corazon’s roof, October 2014


Construction has been on-going now for over two years and the addition is now all but complete. That’s a good thing because as you know, we are now a family of twenty-six. The two bedroom home  now has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a large multi-purpose room and an office. It is such a luxury to finally have space. We all just love it and we are very grateful to the government agencies and businesses that donated materials and huge amounts of time, expertise and effort to make it happen.


Where did you find the funds to build the addition?

Well, as I mentioned, the goodness of people played a big role in getting it done, but we still had to hire trades-people at critical junctures to do the wiring and plumbing. Where did that money come from? Goodness knows. Whenever a bit of extra cash appeared, I promptly called up a trades-person and got things moving again. When there was no cash, everything stopped. So we kind of lurched our way forward one small step at a time until it got done.


What a story this is! Congratulations Melissa. You have accomplished so much with so little.



Feeding the furnaces. Workers have a meal break.

Postscript, December 1, 2014:

Construction at Corozon de Nina is finished! Please see images of the new Corazon at The Exchange > The Theatre > Public Galleries. We are thrilled!




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